Honda Employee Testimonial

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Honda Employee Testimonial

"As a Honda associate, I am constantly challenged to come up with new and challenging ways to do things and solve problems. I feel if I can dream it and justify it, I can do it. It's the Power of dreams put into action - literally - and it's extremely empowering." — E.W.

"As a lifetime Torrance Resident, I always thought Honda would be a great place to work because of their reputation as a major employer in Torrance and their commitment to the community. Honda provides the stability and benefits I was looking for, as well as opportunities beyond my expectations to utilize my strengths and talents. My co-workers are fun and friendly, and I feel a real sense of belonging to the Honda family." — C.B.

"Working with a company that encourages their employees to be creative and approachable is a great attribute for me. I enjoy a work environment that is fast-paced, positive and whose employees can smile even on a bad day. But best of all, you're excited by your work. You enjoy it. You're passionate about it. You're proud of it. That really says a lot about the family orientated division I work for." — J.C.

"I must admit that my experiences as a Honda Associate have been far more rewarding than any I have had during my entire employment history. Upon accepting my position I received information regarding the Honda Philosophy. The notion of "Respect for the Individual" was something I had not experienced before and heightened my desire to join the Honda family. Since then I have seen this in action through the support of senior management and the ongoing communication I have enjoyed across divisions and affiliate companies. In addition to my professional growth and satisfaction, I have also enjoyed participating in a number of Honda's philanthropic endeavors that confirms that I am truly part of one of societies "Great Companies". Thank you Honda." — C.F.

I am proud to work for Honda because we make quality products, the company appreciates our associates' contributions and in time of need, we are always there to offer help.