Honda Confirms Production Hybrid Sports Car for 2010

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Honda Confirms Production Hybrid Sports Car for 2010

Honda's new CEO, Takanobu Ito, has confirmed that the company will sell a production version of the striking Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car concept beginning in February 2010 in Japan, with a release in European and North American markets later that same year.

With the CR-Z, Honda will have three separate hybrid cars: the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Insight, and this new CR-Z. That still leaves them without a midsize hybrid to compete with the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Toyota Camry Hybrid, and the Nissan Altima Hybrid. But it reaffirms Honda's commitment to hybrids, which was left in doubt after the company canned its Accord Hybrid and original Insight a couple of years ago.

The company also let it slide that it plans on making a hybrid version of the Fit (called the Jazz in other markets outside the U.S.) later on.

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Honda Elysion - First generation series RR1 thru RR6

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Honda Elysion - First generation series RR1 thru RR6

The Elysion appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show, on October 2003 as the "ASM", and was released for sale on 13 May 2004. A mild body restyle was introduced 29 September 2005, introducing an "Aero" and "VG Premium" trim level. 13 January 2006 saw the introduction of the "G Aero HDD Navi" and "VG HDD Navi Aero" edition.

Another styling change was introduced 21 December 2006, including an interior update. The Elysion was offered with either the 2.4 L DOHC direct injection K24A with i-VTEC producing 160 PS (117.7 kW; 157.8 bhp) or the 3.0 L SOHC J30A V6 i-VTEC producing 250 PS (183.9 kW; 246.6 bhp). The V6 was also available with "VCM" or Variable Cylinder Management. The upper trim level "Prestige" model was available with the J35A V6 used in the Honda Legend, producing 300 PS (220.6 kW; 295.9 bhp) and available AWD.

Vehicles equipped with AWD had the same Legend engine, but the power was somewhat reduced to 279 PS (205.2 kW; 275.2 bhp). This was more power than available in the Toyota Estima, which was quoted to be 280 PS (205.9 kW; 276.2 bhp). The Elysion was equipped with speed sensitive power door locks that engaged at speeds above 15 km/h, and the doors would unlock when the transmission was placed in "Park". For convenience, the gearshift lever is integrated into the bottom center of the instrument panel. The Elysion is used for commercial taxi service.

Honda showing CR-Z hybrid sports concept, bizarre, touchable PUYO, new Fit at Tokyo

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Honda showing CR-Z hybrid sports concept, bizarre, touchable PUYO, new Fit at Tokyo

Honda has announced two new concepts will be shown at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show later this month, the CR-Z and the PUYO. Quite different in both execution and purpose, both are based on a design philosophy that emphasizes Honda's eco-friendly attitude.

The CR-Z's reference to the Honda CR-X compact sports coupe of years gone by is an obvious one. Standing for Compact Renaissance Zero, the CR-Z is designed as a lightweight, hybrid sports car. Honda says the CR-Z focuses on a return to fundamentals, while offering a sporting feel and a small environmental footprint. We feel that the existing powertrain in the Civic Hybrid could find a good home in the engine bay of the CR-Z -- much as the original CRX made use of the Civic's engine.

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Honda Prelude

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Honda Prelude - First generation (1978-1983)

The first-generation Honda Prelude was launched in 1978. The Civic family resemblance can be seen at the front aspect, although it was built on a variant of the Accord platform. Powered (depending on market) by a 1602 cc or 1751 cc SOHC I4 engine, together with five-speed manual or two-speed 'Hondamatic' automatic transmission. The Prelude offered a large glass moonroof that set it apart from other cars. Facelifted 1981, when the automatic gearboxes became three-speed 'Hondamatic' and the 'Executive' option was offered which added power steering and leather interior.source: wikipedia