Honda Integra - Third Generation

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Honda Integra - Third generation (1994–2001)

Honda debuted the third generation model in 1993 in Japan. Acura followed in 1994. It had an unusual four headlight front end design which was dubbed "bug eyes" by some enthusiasts. Standard power from the B18B engine increased to 142 hp (105.9 kW), and the GS-R received the B18C1 engine, equipped with a dual-stage intake manifold and a displacement increase (from the second generation integra) from 1.7 liters to 1.8 liters, bringing power up to 170 hp (126.8 kW). In 1998, Honda redesigned the Integra after the new Integra Type-R was released. In Japan the redesign had two more conventional looking headlights as the bug eye look had proven unpopular, outside Japan it had a slightly revised version of the four headlight front. A Type R model was added for the 1995 model year in Japan and in 1997 in other markets, powered by a highly tuned, hand-finished variant of the GS-R's engine. The JDM B18C Spec-R (B18C5 for USDM) equipped Type-R produced 197 hp (146.9 kW).

The Type R was the pinnacle of the Integra line. It had many exclusive features found on no other Integra. This trim of the Integra only came with a 5 speed manual transmission. The interior had red stitching on the arm rest and shift knob for 1998, and after year 2000, faux carbon fiber for cup holders, climate control, cluster bezzel, and the shifter plate. The Type R's B18C5 engine was not merely a tuned version of the GS-R's B18C1. The Type-R's head is a re-worked PR-3 head, (not the same as a GS-R head) with better valves, camshafts, retainers, stiffer valve springs and a red cover. source: wikipedia

Honda Integra - Second Generation

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Honda Integra - Second generation (1989–1993)


Honda debuted the second generation Integra in 1989 as a 1990 model, now powered by a new 1.8L engine (B18A1) making 130 hp (140 hp 1992-1993), giving the model a necessary boost in performance. The three-door hatchback (DA9 chassis code) continued to be available, but the 5-door hatchback was discontinued due to poor market reception and was replaced by a more conventional 4-door sedan body style (DB1 chassis code).

For 1992, Acura added the GS-R trim level (DB2 chassis code), powered by a variant of the very successful B16A engine, called the B17A1, which was only available in USDM (United States Domestic Market) models. The difference between the B16A and B17A1 is the deck height and compression ratio and its displacement, the B17A1 is a 1678 cc engine. It featured a VTEC system, as found in the then-new NSX, bumping output to 160 hp (119.3 kW) and a 8000 rpm redline. Other features exclusive to the GS-R include the charcoal grey cloth interior (leather as a rare option), body-colored trim and front lip, and the third brake light mounted in the spoiler. Sunroof, power everything, and 14-inch 6-spoke aluminum wheels came standard as well. source: wikipedia

Honda Integra - First Generation

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Honda Integra - First Generation (1986–1989)

This vehicle debuted in Japan in 1985 as the Honda Quint Integra before going on sale a year later in North America as part of the then-new Acura lineup. Three and five-door hatchback bodies were available, with a 1.6 L DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine powering both. The engine was the vehicle's most publicized feature, as DOHC, multi-valve engines were anything but commonplace in entry-level models at the time. The 5-door hatchback model was also sold in Australia but was rebadged as the Rover 416i. The first generation Integras actually came
with two different engines. Although they shared the same engine code (D16A1), there were a few differences. The engine differed in the years 1986 to 1987 and 1988 to 1989. The two engines are commonly called the "Browntop" and "Blacktop" due to the color of their valve covers. The "browntop" came in 1986 and 1987 Integras while the "blacktop" came in 1988 and 1989 models. The improvements in the "blacktop" engine included lighter rods, domed pistons for slightly higher compression, and an electric advance distributor (the "browntop" came with a vacuum advance distributor). The overall gain in performance was about 5 hp (3.7 kW) for 118 hp (88.0 kW).
source: wikipedia

Honda Fit/ Honda Jazz

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Honda Fit / Honda Jazz

The Honda Fit is a five-door hatchback subcompact car, manufactured by the Honda Motor Company of Japan, first introduced in June 2001 and now in its second generation. The Fit uses Honda's Global Small Car platform, also used by the City/Fit Aria, Airwave, Mobilio, and the Mobilio Spike.

The nameplate Jazz is used in Europe, some parts of Asia, Australia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa - while retaining the name "Fit" in Japan, China, and the Americas.

Fit/Jazz in Malaysia is available in two variants, the 1.5 i-DSI and 1.5 VTEC. Both of them are equipped with CVT-7 and having 2WD driving the front wheels. No Manual Transmission is offered. Unlike the Australian Market which had different trims for the Jazz e.g. (GLi (Base Model with 1.3 motor), VTi (1.5 VTEC motor without Bodykit) and VTi-S (Sports Model with Bodykit)), the Malaysian Jazzes were either the 1.3 iDSi or the 1.5 VTEC. Choices now are 1.5 iDSi and 1.5 VTEC. The VTEC model is equipped with Honda Modulo Bodykit.
source: wikipedia

Honda Stream RSZ

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Honda Stream RSZ

Go anywhere. Do everything. In style.
Wherever the road takes you, the Honda Stream RSZ gets you there
in style. Comfortably packed with practicality and good looks, the Honda Stream RSZ is sure to impress and deliver on any occasion. Be the master of your journey. Put the life back into your drive with the ride that's built for families, yet styled for singles.

i-VTEC engine

Honda Stream RSZ 1.8-litre 140PS i-VTEC engine is mated to a Drive-By-Wire (DBW) system to deliver the purest driving experience. At fast cruising, the Valve control is complimented by a DBW (Drive-By-Wire) system that provides optimum throttle valve control, which significantly reducing pumping losses. This allows greater energy efficiency and exceptional fuel economy.
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Honda City 2009

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Honda City 2009

A new dawn has emerged to liberate your spirit. Dynamic from the inside out. The all-new City takes you further with class-leading performance, comfort, space and practicality. It makes you do more and feel more with pure emotion that rides with you every day. That is the excitement of substance with exhilarating style. For performance and practicality, find them both in the all-new City.

1.5-litre i-VTEC engine

Maximum power:120PS [88kW]@6,600rpm

Maximum torque:145N•m [14.8kg•m]@4,800rpm

The 1.5-litre i-VTEC powerplant in the all-new City provides classleading performance and fuel
economy. Achieving lower fuel consumption without compromising on engine output and even environmental considerations. The engine is compliant with Euro 4 level emission standards.
source: honda malaysia